London Bridge

Ah yes, yet another incident where most people freak and some get angry for people only caring about because it’s all over the media.

This time I Felt it too. Reading a headline and feeling your heart drop.

It was only about 20 minutes ago I got a snapchat from my best and most beloved friend Emmely, who was standing on The London Bridge. And then reading the headline “attack on London bridge, at leats 20 hurt” Was the worst possible thing I could imagine.

She I luckily okay, but that could have been her, I could have lost her today. And I’m Not okay with that.

Perhaps people freak out about these situations, because they hit a little too close to home, compared to all the other incidents that happen every day and we all know about, but doesn’t get covered as much in the media.

I know for a fact, that I learned a new perspective on this situation today, and I didn’t like it.

I don’t know many facts about the case itself yet, so perhaps i will make another blog on it another day.


Toxic vegans

Okay, so people who go vegan or just vegetarian has all my respect. caring so much for a course, that you literally change your whole life after it, is amazing. I have respect for all vegans, even the ones who are toxic.

I feel everyone out there, has by now met, a toxic vegan. but if you haven’t, let me explain what it is like.

It is basically like this:
Imagine walking around your day, just doing what you would normally do. But the suddenly out of nowhere, you get attacked by a person (you can sometimes recognise them on their amAZING bodies)  who express every opinion they have ever had for you, and shit on you for not agreeing.

I’m not saying that they are wrong and that all vegans are annoying, but there is just some who needs to take a chill-pill.

It sounds very wrong to talk shit about vegans because they really do want good in the world. But it is in fact not the whole idea of being vegan I’m shitting on, I’m shitting on the people that care so much about their course, that they forget to have respect for other people.

I’m sick and tired of getting yelled at, because I do something, that I want to do. Yes, I know eating meat is “Supporting” a “bad” course, but you know what? The world sucks sometimes, animals eat other animals. And that is humans including.

I’m also sick and tired of Vegans catchphrase “Meat is bad for you,” because that is fucking bullshit. Humans and pre-humans is omnivores which mean that we function best if we eat both meat and plants.
Being an omnivore is not an uncommon thing, there are lots of animals that is an omnivore. Bears, for example, they both honey, nuts or berries, but they also eat, bees, insects or fish. And they function best if they get both things.

So in conclusion. There is nothing wrong with expressing your opinion, just respect that other people don’t have to agree, and that doesn’t make them bad persons.
And also meat is not bad for people, but you can live without it if you want.

Sorry if I offended anyone, that is in no way my attention.